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ION (CAN), are a five member band from Ontario who write,play and record their own music.
They have released a 10 track debut cd "Positive" in 2006.
Order the new cd online at
Members are as follows:
Paul Vanhuisstede - Lead guitar/vox.
Mike Nederveen - Guitar/vox.
Tim Kieft - Keyboard/vox.
Dan Hartman - Bass.
Bert Nyenhuis - Drums/percussion.

Why this name?
We though ION was simple and memorable. Also the positive/negative thing we thought was interesting in regards to our musics' emotional feel.

Do you play live?
We have played a few little shows, we loved it.
We usually play private shows, we're not really into the club scene.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
If I made a living in music, i might be a little chagrined at the amount of people downloading stuff for free. As an Indie band we just want to be heard, and we have been introduced to many new bands over the internet.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would love to, at the right price lol.

Band History:
The band ION actually started in 2004 on the 407 highway just north of Burlington,
Ontario, Canada. Singer/guitarist Paul Vanhuisstede was giving keyboardist/singer
Tim Kieft a ride to a hockey game in Toronto. Paul had been mainly just writing songs for the
past year, and Tim, who was in a praise and worship band and was interested in playing
more ‘non-praise-and-worship’ type music, got to talking and decided to start playing
together. Soon after, Mike Nederveen, who had been in the praise and worship band
with Tim, was added to the fold as another guitarist/singer. This version of the yet
unnamed ION lasted for about a month before Paul recruited his old bass player from
their previous band NVS. Bert Nyenhuis, however, had since changed over to playing
drums and so another ex-praise-and-worship band member Dan Hartman was brought in
to play bass. The name ION, was thought up by keyboardist Tim, the meaning of the
name is open for interpretation, including a group that is electrified by gaining another
member, but the main idea of having our “eye on the prize”, or our “eye on Christ” seems
the most fitting for us as a band.

Since all of the members of ION were brought up in the same circle of the Canadian
Reformed Church, and were all into the same style of music, the acceptance of the songs
and goal of the band was unanimous. With an effort to write accessible Christian music,
with emphasis on strong songwriting and relevant lyrics, ION hopes to separate
themselves from the ‘bubble gum’ style of music and lyrics that many Christian acts are
playing today. ION does not want people listening to them only because they are
Christian,but rather because of the quality of the songs and lyrics.

We hope that the Lord will use ION as a tool for His word, and that you will be inspired
through our music.

Your influences?
Ion is heavily influenced by U2, more specificaly, the "Unforgettable Fire to Joshua Tree" era. However the music does have a bit more of a retro feel, with lush keyboards and echoey guitars similar to newer A-Ha or Coldplay. Vocaly the music is heavy on harmonies (Longview,Travis). Some of the heavier songs sound very Manic Street Preacherish, the mellower a mix between Iron And Wine and post-80's A-Ha.

Favorite spot?
Love hometown Hamilton!!

Equipment used:
Home studio is a Yamaha 16 AWG, instruments:
Guitars: Martin, Fender Strat, Gibson.
Bass: Ibanez.
Drums: Roland V-Drums Digital Kit.
Keyboards: Yamaha. Korg
Amps: Marshall, Traynor and Hartke

Anything else...?
New cd is done! Order the new Ion cd "Positive" online at:

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The Light Descends (edit)

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Low Orbit Ion Canon

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