Martin Grech

Yeah yeah yeah, we’ve heard it all before – artist gets ditched by major label (Island, in Martin Grech’s case) after sales figures matching the average convent condom vender, then claims it’s an amicable split and purely “time to go it alone”. The thing is, whether released via a music industry Godzillla or Grech knocking off handwritten CDRs in his lunch hour, ‘March Of The Lonely’ is simply the beautiful coming-of-age of a songwriter with more talent in his left pinkie than a gazillion James Blunts. Sparce, lonely and ethereal, these are songs that patter over the beating heart like soft feather brushes, with all the sombre intensity of Nick Drake’s ‘Bryter Later’ cut with the folky mysticism T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan used to peddle outwardly before he went and dressed like Gary Glitter.

Jamie Fullerton