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Megadeth News

Megadeth and Jenny Lewis duet on 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' – watch

Unlikely collaboration took place on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show

  • Dec 18, 2013

New species of tarantula spider named after Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

Aphonopelma Davemustainei was recently discovered in Arizona and New Mexico

  • Dec 15, 2012

Dave Mustaine refuses to apologise for his comments that Barack Obama 'staged' recent massacres

Singer appears on high-profile conspiracy theorist's radio show to clarify his comments

  • Aug 17, 2012

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine accuses Barack Obama of 'staging' shootings in Aurora and Wisconsin

Singer says his country is 'turning into Nazi America'

  • Aug 16, 2012

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: 'I'm totally ready for our next record'

The frontman also dispels rumours of a supergroup with Metallica

  • Jun 14, 2012

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Megadeth Music Videos

Super Collider Play Video

Super Collider

Watch the official Super Collider video by Megadeth in HD on WWW.MUZU.TV and check out the latest new music releases and playlists for free.

The Right To Go Insane Play Video

The Right To Go Insane

Watch the official The Right To Go Insane video by Megadeth in HD on WWW.MUZU.TV and check out the latest new music releases and playlists for free.

Head Crusher Play Video

Head Crusher

Watch the official Head Crusher video by Megadeth in HD on WWW.MUZU.TV and check out the latest new music releases and playlists for free.

Sweating Bullets (2005 Digital Remaster) Play Video

Sweating Bullets (2005 Digital Remaster)

Megadeth official music video for the track Sweating Bullets (2005 Digital Remaster)

Never Walk Alone..A Call To Arms Play Video

Never Walk Alone..A Call To Arms

Watch the official Never Walk Alone..A Call To Arms video by Megadeth in HD on WWW.MUZU.TV and check out the latest new music releases and playlists for free.

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Megadeth Reviews



Scientists seem to be forever discovering hideously ugly living examples of supposedly extinct prehistoric animals....

  • Aug 6, 1999

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Megadeth Biography

Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine's dismissal from his previous band Metallica. In 1985, the group released its debut album through Combat Records, an independent record label. The album's moderate commercial success caught the attention of bigger record labels, and they soon signed to Capitol Records. Their first major label album, Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?, which is considered highly influential in the underground metal scene, was released in October 1986. Despite this album being prominent to thrash metal, the frequent disputes between the band members and the issues with drug abuse earned the band a negative publicity during this period.

After stabilizing their lineup, Megadeth released a number of platinum-selling albums, including Countdown to Extinction, certified double platinum. This album, along with touring worldwide, would aid in bringing Megadeth to public recognition. In 2002, Megadeth was temporarily disbanded because of Mustaine's arm injury, but the band re-established in 2004, performing without bassist David Ellefson because he had taken legal action against Mustaine. Ellefson would rejoin the group in 2010, and has been featured on all recordings since. In the summer of 2005, Megadeth launched its own music festival, Gigantour, which has been hosted several times over the years.

Megadeth is known for its distinctive, technical instrumental style that often features fast rhythm sections and complex arrangements; their songs convey gloomy lyrical themes including death, war, politics, and religion. The group has experienced some controversy because of its musical approach and lyricism, including cancelled concerts and album bans. MTV has refused to play two of the band's videos because the network considered them as condoning suicide.

A pioneer of the American thrash metal movement, the band is credited as one of the genre's "big four" along with Anthrax, Metallica and Slayer, who were responsible for thrash metal's creation, development and popularization. Since its inception, Megadeth has released fourteen studio albums, with six of them being certified platinum in the United States. To date, Megadeth has sold 50 million records worldwide and received eleven Grammy nominations, and ranks as one of the most successful American heavy metal bands.

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