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Born September 19, 1982, Joseph Junior Adenuga is better known as Skepta, grime’s golden boy. Born and raised in Tottenham, north London, he’s been making music since the mid 2000s, first as a member of Meridian Crew before founding Boy Better Know in 2006 with his brother JME. Skepta released his first, self-titled mixtape, ‘Joseph Junior Adenuga’ in 2006, following it in 2007 with his debut studio album, the precociously titled ‘Greatest Hits’ in 2007. He broke into the mainstream with the 2008 single ‘Rolex Sweep’, which featured on his second, 2009 album ‘Microphone Champion’. In 2011 his third album, ‘Doin’ It Again’, was released.

It would be five years before the release of his next album, the acclaimed ‘Konnichiwa’, which featured ‘Shutdown’, ‘Man’ and ‘That’s Not Me’ and scored the Mercury Prize. The LP also saw Skepta become one of the most well regarded artists in the UK and at the forefront of the grime revival – in addition to this he was credited with introducing non-UK artists such as his close personal pal Drake to the genre. ‘Konnichiwa’ featured in the Top Five of NME’s Albums of the Year 2016 and entered the Official UK Albums Chart at Number 2, behind Radiohead’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’.

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Who: Tottenham-raised grime icon Why: Grime’s storming comeback was the big British music story of 2016, and scene veteran Skepta was the face and focal point of that resurrection. Skepta…