NME Audio

NME 1 & 2 is a multi-channel music service super-serving fans of Garage, Rock, Indie / Alternative, Urban and Leftfield Dance (past and present).

Player Launcher


The service consists of two selectable 24/7 channels – NME 1 and NME 2.
NME 1 covers Indie Alternatives Past & Present whilst NME 2 focuses on New and Upfront material.
To listen to the stations simply launch the Radio Player by clicking on either NME 1 or NME 2.

YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN TO NME ON PRETTY MUCH ALL MOBILE AND OTHER CONNECTED DEVICES via the TUNEIN Radio App which comes pre-installed on SONOS, Amazon Echo, Google Home, WiFi Radio sets, Smart TVs (Apple, Sky Now, Roku, Samsung, Chromecast etc), connected Car Dashboards and various Game Consoles, such as XBox.

For MOBILE DEVICES, simple search for TuneIn in the app store and download.  Once installed, search for NME 1 or NME 2 and save to your favourites.

NME Playlists

If you’re wondering what the PLAYLISTS are all about, these are the New and Upfront tracks that have been recently added to the Station’s Playlists – these are the songs which get played most on both channels.