Chvrches Have Shared A Virtual Studio Tour And It’s Your Perfect Distraction From Work Today

As they smash through the European festival circuit and prepare for sets at Reading and Leeds later this month, Chvrches have shared a 360 degree interactive studio tour on their website and it’s really, really good. As you click through from room to room, you can watch video clips of the band recording guitar and keyboard parts, Lauren Mayberry laying down vocals in the booth, and production on the trio’s (very good) 2015 album ‘Every Open Eye’ being perfected. There’s also loads of information on the pretty extensive range of equipment the band use to create the Chvrches sound. “This is a mad machine,” Iain Cook says of something called a ‘Moog Sonic Six analogue duophonic synth’. “It took us a while to even get a usable sound out of this but when we did it sounded completely unlike anything we had ever heard.” There’s also some more lolzy and lighthearted stuff captured on camera that we won’t spoil for you because, well, you can check it out for yourself over on Chvrches website. Just make sure you have more than a few minutes to spare first because once you head into their studio, you might not want to leave for a while.