Check Out The Gruesome Artwork Grimes Did As A Teenager

Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, has just shared six pages from a scrapbook she says she owned in 2006 – when she was just 18 years old. What it proves is that the mastermind behind ‘Art Angels’ – NME’s Album of the Year 2015 – has always had an unnervingly creative side, not just in the album artwork she’s been designing throughout her career.

Take, for example, this old picture, which appears to show the horrifying effect of what looks like the fire/horse Pokémon, Rapidash, on a living human being:

my friend just sent me all my old notebooks and sketchbooks

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Another shared on her @actuallygrimes account has strangely medieval wording, and depicts a feral child wearing a wolfskin coat. trying to hand in a resumé. They look like they’re standing on a carpet made of trees, for some reason:

circa 2006? feral is misspelled lol

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If you’re a proper Grimes fan you’ll know that she and her recent touring partner, HANA, have a joint Instagram account called @trashique2, on which they post random pictures of a dog they call Eevee, cool pictures of live performances and lots of random in-jokes they find amusing. Some more of these scrapbook entries were revealed on that account too. Take Alien Piratekiller, for example, whose pirate-killing gets shown from two perspectives:

aliens killing pirates?

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A real highlight is Boucher’s complicated machine, which does… something

a useless machine i designed many years ago

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And we’ll leave you with this plan. It looks pretty solid: