A Lot Of People Got ‘Suicide Squad’ Tattoos Before The Film Came Out

Suicide Squad is a very, very big deal right now, and it’s only been in cinemas for a few measly days. Fans have already got the bug for this not-so-loveable band of psychopathic murderers and they want to solidify their love with something even more unyielding to age than The Joker himself. Big, beautiful body art. These Suicide Squad tattoos are zany, loud and chaotic, much like the film itself. What’s weirder is that most of them were done before the film even came out. Let’s hope they liked it.

This guy wants to keep Harley Quinn close to his heart

This guy really loved those Jared Leto Joker promo shots

This tattoo artist is doing special Suicide Squad promotions

This person’s really into ab work

This one loves jailbird Harley

That meta moment when you get a tattoo of Margot Robbie giving someone a tattoo

It’s a damn good movie logo tbf

Bin schon so gespannt auf den Film #suicidésquad #suicidesquad #suicidesquadtattoo

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This guy wants to be part of the Skwad himself

This “Harliequinn” was done before Christmas. December. Eight months before the film came out

I think this one likes to giggle

This guy is relieved the movie lived up to his expectations, for obvious reasons


I mean would you really play poker with this guy

All things considered, this list says everything about who’s relevant in Suicide Squad

Oh and here’s one tattoo of Deadshot. He’s in this movie too. For considerably longer than The Joker.