Noel Makes Dad Jokes And Plays His Favourite Songs In Manchester City’s Carpool Clip

Move over, James Corden. Scully’s behind the wheel and he’s here to take your crown as the internet’s foremost purveyor of vehicular LOLS.

Who? A fair question. He’s Noel Gallagher’s mate, whom the Chief has mentioned in interviews over the years, and in this Manchester City-produced clip he drives Noel around in anticipation of the Manchester City vs. Liverpool FC Capital One Cup final last Sunday. They don’t do karaoke, sadly, but they do chat football and music, with the Oasis man playing some of his favourite “tunes”.

Both of them look like Churchill the nodding dog as they groove to 1990’s ‘Back By Dope Demand’ by Dutch hip-hop group King Bee (though Noel deems the “Psych!” shout-out to be “a bit Ant ‘n’ Dec”) and Noel only gets distracted from the chat when he spots an unusually massive Chinese restaurant. Elsewhere, Noel gives his verdict on Manchester City’s chances and chats Coldplay and the Stone Roses. There’s something here for football fans, and plenty for music fans.

If you fall between two categories (what’s wrong with you?) just enjoy two blokes of a certain age making glorious dad joke after glorious dad joke.