The Best Reactions To The BBC’s David Bowie Prom

Since David Bowie‘s death at the start of this year, we’ve seen innumerable tributes to the man. Rightly so – he was one of the greatest, most fascinating and unpredictable musicians ever.

Lady Gaga paid tribute at the Grammys, while Lorde gave him her best at the Brits. There’s been various covers at gigs and festival performances and heartfelt comments in interviews and on social media alike. This weekend, the BBC put on the most ambitious display yet, paying homage to the great man at the Proms.

With the likes of Anna Calvi, John Cale, Marc Almond, Laura Mvula, rising grime star Elf Kid and many more, some of Bowie’s finest classics were reinvented and reimagined. It turns out the results weren’t for everyone – the reaction online was nothing short of divisive. For every tweet calling it “sensational and moving”, there was another decrying it for “butchering” a beloved Bowie track.

Some thought John Cale was its only saving grace…

While others couldn’t even find a single positive

The show’s experimental nature wasn’t to everyone’s liking

Marc Almond’s moment was as opinion-splitting as the whole thing

Some had the tissues out at home

One fan hit the nail on the head re: what made Bowie so special

Laura Mvula’s version of ‘Fame’ went down well

There were questions over what Bowie himself would think

This tweet reminded us of the Bowie-shaped void left in the world

These guys definitely weren’t impressed…

While others really were