Forget Haunted Houses, There’s Going To Be A Walking Dead Theme Park Ride

As The Walking Dead continues to wield its tight, zombie-like grip on a bewitched worldwide audience, plans to extend the show beyond our television and laptop screens are well under way.

As well as the existing graphic novels (which the show was adapted from), video games and the frenzied response reserved for the show’s cast from its literally-rabid fanbase, plans are now afoot to turn The Walking Dead‘s bleak imagination of the collapse of human civilisation into a permanent attraction at Universal Studios in Hollywood. So, if you’ve ever wanted to emulate Rick-as-badass-sheriff, Michonne-as-samurai-wielding-badass or Daryl as crossbow-using-badass, then you’re in luck.

Fans won’t have to wait long for the ride’s grand opening, as the attraction already exists: unveiled last year as part of the Californian theme park’s ‘Halloween Horror Nights’, the premise of the ride is as an immersive maze that punters must wind their way through without getting bitten by real life walkers (or as close to real life as their make-up will allow, anyway). While also boasting “sophisticated animatronic walkers, substantially more detailed set design and costuming, and highly recognisable props replicated from the series” that have all been developed in tandem with The Walking Dead special effects wizard Greg Nicotero, it sounds like Universal Studios really are pulling out all the stops in the efforts to attain the desired levels of shit-your-pants scary.

The attraction is set for its grand opening later this summer – so why not combine your visit to the West Coast with a go at fighting off the undead?