NME Basement Sessions – Watch The Coral Play New Track ‘Miss Fortune’

Wirral five-piece The Coral released ‘Distance Inbetween’ today, two years after previous album ‘The Curse Of Love’, a ‘lost album’ featuring songs recorded between 2005-2007. Their brand new record is a decidedly psychedelic affair with songwriting that reaches the melodic heights of old favourites like ‘Dreaming Of You’.

Frontman James Skelly recently told NME it all came together “about two years ago. Going through all the tracks [on ‘lost’ 2006 LP ‘The Curse Of Love’ which came out last year] and doing it all together was the first step. It was just little things and then before we knew it, we were in the studio. We’d always wanted to do a live album, a heavy album in the way ‘The White Album’ [The Beatles, 1968] is, so I started learning loads of blues tunes with riffs in to learn how to write like that. We wanted to do one that was heavier, with that tape cassette sound but in a studio. It’s produced, so we had to do quite a lot of stuff to make it sound as fucked up as it ended up.”

The group recently came to the NME basement to play a couple of songs – one old, one new – and you can check out their performance of ‘Miss Fortune’ above. It’s a drone-based beauty with raga-like psychedelic affectations, here relying on a mesh of three acoustic guitars, and the band’s vocal harmonies.