This Drummer Has Somehow Done A Drum Solo And A Backflip At The Same Time

Bands need to find new ways to grab your attention these days – not sure if you’ve noticed, but there’s quite a lot of music on the internet – which results in stunts like this. Aric Improta, YouTube-famous drummer and member of the LA post-rock band Night Verses, has stuck a GoPro (one of those cameras you can wear) on his head and played two drum kits at once.

Well, OK, it’s not exactly at once, but sort of in quick succession VIA A BACKFLIP that he totally styles out in a manner few people could pull off. Stick around for the weirdly satisfying slow-motion replay at the end. It’s the kind of thing you might expect from an artfully choreographed OK Go video, but Improta’s video has admirably DIY kind of feel. Nice, jazzy rug though.

Night Verses’ second album, the successor to 2013’s Lift Your Existence, is currently in the works, produced by Ross Robinson, who’s worked with Slipknot and At The Drive-In. Which sounds promising, but you have to hope that Improta didn’t spent too much precious rehearsal time working on his sweet backflips. Well, whatever happens, he’s always got a killer career in parkour to fall back on.