13 Mad Musical Mario Interpretations For MAR10 Day

Happy Mario Day everyone. March 10 (or MAR10 according to some) may be even less of a credible ‘day’ than May 4, the unofficial Star Wars day based on the “may the force be with you” line from the franchise, but any day that affords us the chance to check out weird YouTube versions of nostalgia-inducing Mario tunes is a good day by us. In this instance we’ve uncovered a guy who plays the Overworld theme with his hands, a Mario impersonator playing a huge church organ, and a Nintendocore metal version of the theme tune. It’s a good spread.

1. Hand dude

2. Live soundtracking with a violin, because why not

3. Bob-omb Battlefield from Mario 64 in a dark jazzy room. Yeah

4. Ocarina dude

5. One-man a capella, sometimes with a cat





6. Snow Mountain violin lady

7. A capella choir with lame comedic reconstruction


9. Crazy good sound effects from one guitar

9. Beatboxing dude

10. Flute beatboxing dude, so ner

11. Guy playing an 11-string bass

12. One guy, two separate guitars

13. Terrifying full church organ


There sure are some strange, talented people on the internet, aren’t there?