Twitter Is Annoyed About Jennifer Lopez Collaborating With Dr. Luke On Her “Feminist Anthem”

As the messy, messy fall-out from the Kesha/Dr.Luke case rumbles on – the former’s case against the latter was thrown out of court this week after Kesha’s label Sony promised that they wouldn’t force her to work with the producer – it now appears that Jennifer Lopez has been caught up in the crossfire of this most unpleasant of music beefs.

J. Lo has incurred the wrath of online commentators worldwide in the past 24 hours over her new song, ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ – and not because of the fact that a) it’s not very good, or b) that it’s been co-written by Meghan Trainor. But no, Jenny From The Block has been getting shit over the fact that Dr. Luke played a major part in writing the song, earning a producer and co-writing credit for his troubles. Here’s a snippet of the song, should you really need to hear it.

When those songwriting credits came to light, the pro-feminist message of J. Lo’s new single – that, essentially, she’s not going to be her man’s “mother” (a curious prospect in itself) who does their dishes or their laundry – was lost somewhat in the largely negative reaction that was flung her way, with many questioning why the singer would choose to go down such a toxic songwriting path (Dr. Luke, not Trainor). Hell hath no fury like a Twitterati scorned, it seems.

Here’s a slice of that online anger.