Will We Ever Know Why Thom Yorke Just Tweeted A Picture Of A Skylight? An NME Investigation

A great deal of questions about the upcoming Radiohead album. When will it be released? Will it take a “plush electro direction”, as some have suggested? Will the Oxford alt-rock band’s ninth outing be the “work of art” that long-term visual art collaborator – who says he’s heard the album – has promised?

Here’s another. Could this be its new artwork?


Frontman Thom Yorke tweeted this atmospheric image of a skylight earlier today. Is a clue an album cover? Artwork for an upcoming single? Part of an immersive, lovingly compiled mood board that inspired the sound of the record millions are waiting to hear?

Is it just a nice picture of a skylight? Has Thom taken a backhander from B&Q? It’s almost impossible to say, but tempting to speculate, eh? We all got similarly excited when the picture below was posted to the band’s Instagram account a couple of weeks ago.

Radiohead will play a series of shows in addition to festival dates, go here for details: wasteheadquarters.com/schedule

A photo posted by Radiohead (@radiohead.official) on

Fans on Twitter weren’t quite sure what to do with themselves regarding the skylight. A user named @GusHasGas summed it up by demanding: “what kind of sick joke is this”. Meanwhile, @smellenphelan asked simply: “where’s the album bud”. Yet others were so confused they could do only one thing: tweet pictures of skylight to Thom Yorke.


The internet, you are an idiot. A beautiful, simple idiot. Everybody wins here, except the person who unwittingly tweeted a picture of a window.