The Tories might try and destroy the student vote – here’s how

Another election? It could happen in September, so be prepared.

Chances are you’re a little tired of general elections by now. But there remains a possibility that we might have another one before the end of 2017. So many factors could lead to this: the Conservative-DUP coalition looking increasingly fragile, Jeremy Corbyn’s claim that he’s ready to lead the country, or a leadership battle within the Tories. One theory also suggests Theresa May’s party could throw yet another election in September 2017, in an attempt to reestablish a majority. We all know how well that went last time, but allow us to explain why they might consider it:

If May, or whoever takes charge of the party, decides to call another election, September will be the perfect time. This is because many students won’t be at a fixed address. Graduates from the 2016/17 year would have to re-register to vote at a new address, and new students may still be away from student halls or their university city following the summer break. They’d have to vote via post, and this requires preparation. It’s explained in further detail below.

YouGov have crunched the numbers of last week’s election result, revealing that Labour are 45 points ahead of any rival parties amongst full-time students. Of those aged between 20 and 24, only 22% voted Tory, while 66% of 18-19 year old voters chose Labour. If they’re to ignore the demands of the youth vote and create policies designed to gain support, it would be in the Tories’ interest to try and nullify youth turnout as much as possible. A September election could achieve this.

The main point being: be ready for any outcome in the next few months. If you’re already registered from last week’s election, make sure you remain registered if another vote is announced. And if you’re on the move or between properties in the next few months, consider a postal vote.