Ed Miliband has his own Radio 2 show and Twitter is loving it

Watch out Nick Grimshaw, there’s a new DJ in town

You may have already noticed, but since losing the 2015 general election, former Labour leader Ed Miliband has taken a step back from frontline politics and has become a lot… sassier. When Theresa May was caught eating chips like someone chewing on furballs, he reached out to the Prime Minster and said “we should talk.” He also had a surprise starring role in Channel 4 and Sky News’ recent Anchorman spoof. And today, Milifandom went into overdrive when he was given his own Radio 2 show.

For the next week, Miliband has been given the keys to The Jeremy Vine Show, the station’s big daytime draw. Watch out, Nick Grimshaw. Radio has its new hero.

Already, he’s managed to have intelligent discussions about Islamophobia while spinning classic records from A-Ha. The man is more multi-talented that we’d first realised.

Ed Miliband’s return to the spotlight has been a long time coming. He’s everywhere, even mysteriously appearing in an old Roman mosiac.

His DJ debut has set pulses racing. Initial verdicts put him somewhere between Partridge and Dermot O’ Leary, not quite reaching the heights of Zane Lowe in his prime. Some believe he could save radio and kill streaming in one fell swoop.

You can listen back to the show here. It has an eclectic tracklist. Miliband picked out hits from Ariana Grande, HAIM, Bastille and unsung new band The Beatles. It’s basically a version of Desert Island Discs only it’s two hours long and peppered with intense chats about Brexit.

There are, of course, a handful of naysayers. Many are touting BBC’s impartiality card, saying the station is showing huge bias to put a current Labour MP in Jeremy Vine’s shoes.

What they’re forgetting is that next week, Jeremy Vine continues to be on holiday, and Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith takes the role of discjockey. There’s your impartiality, and that’s what you get for complaining.