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Desert Trip: Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest Festival Of All Time

Later this year, one of the biggest festivals of all time will be taking place in California. The line up for Desert Trip boasts a mind-blowing collection of musical heroes including The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, [a]Bob Dylan[/a] and many more. Find out the full lineup, how to get there and how much you’ll have to pull out of a fruity to afford tickets, travel and more, below. But it’ll be worth it because it is gigantic.

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Nos Alive’s Tenth Anniversary Line-Up Is Insanely Good

This year, Portugal’s biggest music festival, Nos Alive, celebrates its tenth birthday with what might just count as one of the most massive festival line-ups of all time. Taking place only eight minutes from Lisbon’s vibrant downtown and 15 minutes from the beach, Nos Alive is one of the loudest, latest and liveliest parties in Europe. Some of your favourite bands will be there, but will you? Head to NME.COM/win for the chance to bag tickets, and head to nosalive.com/en to buy. And read on for ten great reasons to go.

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T In The Park: New Video Describes How Organisers Will Avoid A Repeat Of Last Year's Chaos

Do you remember the old Virgin Atlantic safety video? That corny cartoon clip featuring Vic Reeves, a massive-headed child and various clichéd traveler types obeying all of the pre-flight rules in a ‘hilarious’ fashion? Well, since so many flights were getting delayed by emergency ground staff having to attend to passengers laughing their lungs clean out of their body, they’ve replaced it with a hi-tech video of a passenger dreaming his way through various film genres now.

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The New British Invasion: Grime Stars Take SXSW 2016

It's 1am at The Main II, a squalid room off Austin's bustling East 6th Street that's packed with people. Stormzy enters the room and climbs on stage to join his DJ who's been warming up the room for the last 15 mins. Immediately, the crowd goes wild - arms are thrown in the air, bodies moving and cheers roared. 'Shut Up' and 'Know Me From' close the set a little while later, and both are yelled back at the London rapper as if he's playing a hometown show.

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We Did SoulCycle With Neon Indian At SXSW

The British festival experience is largely based on, outside of music, getting smashed. It's almost a rite of passage to go to your first festival, drink in the campsite with your friends, pass out outside your tent, wake up to vomit whatever cheap booze you've been glugging down and then do it all again. Festivals are a way to escape from the responsibilities of everyday life and most of us wouldn't even dream of taking an exercise class to start our day at Glastonbury or The Great Escape. So why, at this year's SXSW festival, were hundreds of people signing up to take part in SoulCycle classes?

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