10 Things We Learnt At Field Day

Guerrilla bake sales, a tug of war and The Fall – it could only be Field Day in London’s, thankfully, sunny Victoria Park. Here are the ten things we learnt there.

1. Erland And The Carnival went on too early

Erland And The Carnival took to the Field Day Main Stage at lunchtime and pulled in a much smaller crowd than they deserved. Clearly the trendy residents of Hackney don’t surface from their beds before mid afternoon. The folk five-piece put on an amazing gig including single ‘You Don’t Have To Be Lonely’ to the dedicated fans that did show up. Last year Gaggle played the same slot at Field Day, so maybe it’s a sign of success to come for the band.


2. Every festival should have a tug of war

It’s good, clean fun. Plus it gets funny when people take it too seriously and throw tantrums if they don’t win.

Field Day

3. Lightspeed Champion wears really short shorts

When Lightspeed Champion hit the stage at Field Day, we can’t deny we were pretty surprised by the length of his shorts. The singer played a set including tracks off both his albums ‘Falling Off The Lavender Bridge’ and ‘Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You’, plus his version of a Beach Boys track, ‘Don’t Worry Baby’.


4. Steve Mason thought Field Day would be full of hipsters

Steve Mason was clearly expecting a crowd full of skinny-jeaned, guyliner-wearing teens. But The Beta Band man was taken by surprise when he performed songs from his debut solo album ‘Boys Outside’. “I thought it would be full of young people listening to Kissy Sell Out, but it looks like there are some oldies here too which is great,” announced Steve before launching into single ‘Lost And Found’.

5. ‘Caribou, bou, bou’ rhymes with ‘Aga do do do’

As a group of festival goers running towards the stage during Dan Snaith’s set pointed out. Snaith, who’s also taking his live band to Summer Sundae, Reading And Leeds and End Of The Road, brought his set to a huge group of fans on the Field Day Main Stage on Saturday afternoon.

6. Not enough people know who The Fall are

During the band’s set on the Field Day Main Stage we heard four different groups of people asking “Who’s this?” and one bemused festival punter even reply, “I don’t know but don’t you think he looks like Del Boy?” Whether they knew who the group were or not, the Prestwich band seemed to be appreciated by both hardcore fans and newcomers to Mark E. Smith.

The Fall

7. Chainmail is going to be big this year

That’s if the onstage outfit of These New Puritans leadman George Barnett is anything to go by, who sported this number during their set in the Adventures In The Beetroot Field tent. Elsewhere, Archie Bronson Outfit took to the Village Mentality stage wearing ponchos while Gruff Rhys vs Tony Da Gatorra picked Power Rangers helmets as their fashion trends of choice.

These New Puritans

8. “He that Runs at night may well Fall”

Wise, wise words…

Field Day

9. Holly Miranda likes playing in the UK

Holly Miranda played her final British festival show of 2010 during her early afternoon set on the Field Day Main Stage. The new wave songstress has played a long list of dates in the UK including the Barn at Truck festival, a gig at the Borderline and even a set in Westminster Reference Library. She announced: “This is our last show of the summer over here. It’s been absolutely amazing so thank you.”

Our favourite track of the set was her beautiful single ‘Waves’, taken from the Dave Sitek-produced ‘The Magician’s Private Library’. Check out Holly performing it here:

10. There’s such a thing as a guerrilla bake sale

These lovely people were giving away cakes for a charity donation to The Note Well Foundation.

Field Day