Beyonce at T In The Park 2011 – review

Beyonce at T In The Park 2011 – full gig report and setlist

Who: Beyonce

Where and When: Main Stage, Saturday

Vibe: Inspirational, frankly. The B-bomb presented an edited-down version of her Glastonbury tour-de-force in length only. The spirit, the soul and the sex were delivered with the exact-same gusto, despite suffering the indignity of having the play second fiddle to Coldplay. The Destiny’s Child medley was of course a huge moment, but the truth is she doesn’t really need it anymore.

Best bit: When she walked down and held the hands of the front of the crowd at the barrier to ‘Halo’, now adopted forever as a British festival anthem.

Low point: ‘Baby Boy’ still isn’t her finest moment, and unlike Glastonbury we didn’t have the uncomfortable thrill of Tricky missing his cue.

Banter: “I want you to forget all your drama and your troubles and get lost in this music tonight!”

Verdict: B said at Glasto that she’d always wanted to be a rock star. She’s one of us now.

Rating: 9/10