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Don't Be A Dick This Festival Season

We are all – you, me, that woman over there – mega excited about the upcoming festival season. The boozy mornings! The secret gigs! The giddy rush when your favourite band plays your favourite song to tens of thousands of loved-up people! Mainly the boozy mornings! And yet. Someone always finds a way to be a dick at a festival, let loose from their lives and free to inflict their awful, uninhibited personalities on the unsuspecting public for three, possibly four whole days. Yet it needn’t be this way. Please, for the sake of us all, for everyone’s benefit – don’t be dick this festival season.

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Twitter Reacts to Foals And Disclosure Headlining Reading and Leeds 2016

Yannis Philippakis' "childhood dream" was finally realised this morning when Foals were confirmed as joint headliners at this year's Reading and Leeds Festivals. The Oxford five-piece have been banging on (festival organiser) Melvin Benn's door for years. Disclosure's step up to the headline plate is also a significant triumph and proof that their hard slog on the merry go-tour treadmill has finally paid off. More significantly this morning's announcement was a victory for the little band after so many years of overblown heritage acts diluting the festival circuit. Reaction across social media has thrown up some interesting reactions with many delighted by the news while others were vitriolically damning. Here are some of the best and most bizarre tweets:

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Festival Season 2015 Doesn’t Have To End – Five Winter Festivals That Keep The Party Going

It’s one weekend after Bestival and your bedroom seems scarily quiet. You’re pining for the comforting claustrophobia of your two-man tent and getting strange looks when you pay for lunch with the change in your tie-dye bum bag. Fear not, the UK festival season may have come to a triumphant close but the party doesn't have to end. Look beyond our increasingly grey horizon and you'll find a bunch of music festivals around the world that are gagging for a spot on your Instagram feed. Sure, you might need to shell out on a plane ticket or two, but when it comes to witnessing music in the great outdoors with the kind of free spirited attitude that says onesies work in public, it's worth it. Here are five of the best festivals to visit before the year is up.

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What Are You Wearing? The Good, Bad And Mad Of Leeds Festival Fashion

Gingerbread men in lycra hoisted aloft onto shoulders during Alt-J, a Honey Monster battling to keep his big, bobbing football mascot head on while crowd-surfing to The Cribs, and a befuddled Wario and Toad desperately asking revellers if they’d spotted Mario and Luigi after they were separated during Panic! At The Disco. Other notable sights included a bunch of bananas living up to their namesake at Mumford and Sons and a guy in an elaborate harliequin hat and bell-ridden costume who must be the most convincing indie jester since Fred from Spector. Although Bestival has cornered the market in terms of costumes, the campsite crazies were still out in force, adding a last-day-of-term alternate reality feel to the festival. It takes heroic fortitude to remain in a skin-tight morph suit all weekend, as sweat and mud colonise your body, and part of the fun is nobody knows who’s lurking behind that Kick-Ass mask. We spoke to some of Leeds' most eccentric nutters to have raided the fancy-dress box...

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The Libertines: How Headline Reading Festival Slot Righted The Wrongs Of 2010

The Libertines' legacy was built on tiny gigs in intimate venues like Whitechapel's Rhythm Factory and the band's own Bethnal Green flat, the Albion Rooms. So when they played Reading and Leeds Festival in 2010, it was a shame, but in a way no surprise that the passion and fury they packed into sweat-drenched dives didn't quite translate. Headlining the festivals for the first time this year, things could have gone horribly wrong, but five years on, they righted the wrongs of a missed opportunity and proved their worth as a massive attraction worthy of their billing.

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