Download Festival 2011 – How Was It For You?

Since Download ended, I’ve only slept about four hours. I even had a dream about blogging about the festival (I kid you not). So here we are, post-festival – still freezing and hungover and reflecting on the rainy weekend.


What did you all think of Download Festival 2011? Which bands did you catch? Which were your favourites? Which ones did you think were absolute rubbish? Let us know below.

My highlight was probably Alice Cooper’s set. I can safely say there was no other performance with a guillotine, an electric chair, and a massive snake wrapped around the singer’s neck. And we got to hear a brand new song, called ‘Bite Your Face Off’, which Cooper described as “a tip of the hat to The Stones. Very early ‘60s Stones kinda song. But definite Alice lyrics” at a press conference earlier in the day.


I also really enjoyed The Pretty Reckless. Although you can’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable seeing a 17 year-old Taylor Momsen lift up her shirt in front of a festival crowd with nothing but tape across her nipples. But you can’t deny that the girl can sing. Plus, she put us all to shame by braving the muddy fields in huge platform heels.


Plus, we got to check out the first major live appearance from the recently-reunited The Darkness – you can read our review of that performance here. We also managed to capture a few fan reactions from the crowd after the set, which you can watch below.

We’ve also got loads of other mini-reviews of Pendulum, Bring Me The Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, System Of A Down and Linkin Park.

Also check out our ever-growing gallery of photos from the weekend, which you can view here.

So, how was Download Festival 2011 for you?

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