Snowbombing festival isn't short of surrealism. As I write this a band of multicoloured morphs are being chased down the street by Mr Motivator. Last night I was hustled into drinking steaming jagertee by a gaggle of Where's Wallies in a mountaintop igloo disco while Jade Jagger DJed. And earlier the Cuban Brothers were practising their dance routines naked by my rooftop jacuzzi.

And this is only Day One. The Rev's already broken his shoulder, the sleepy ski resort town of Mayrhofen has been invaded by several thousand drunken maniacs and it looks like merry hell is about to break loose in the freshers week-gone-alpine Street Party in half an hour.

We arrived here in a convey of 100 cars that included a variety of bands (The Enemy, Reverend And The Makers), freeloading media and celebs (NME, MTV, Mat Horne, Barry Peters) and punters in fancy dress.

Snowbombing Start

I guess the award for best effort goes to these guys, who actually broke down on the Autobahn.


Cuban Brother Barry Peters and his crew entertain the staff of Maidstone's Volvo dealership plus 200 goons in fancy dress, shot on a Sony Bloggie & compressed for Austrian wifi

After leaving Maidstone there was a quick hop over the channel where The Enemy's guitar tech managed to get obliterated to the point of collapse (a trick he's repeated every day so far), a dash through France, Belgium and The Netherlands to Frankfurt, Germany, for a stopover, then several hundred miles at whatever speed we could get the Volvo to do on the Autobahn. Good thing NME photographer Danny North pays attention while he's driving.

Finally we arrived outside Mayrhofen where the organisers had everyone bobbing apples and riding mini go karts in the pissing rain before all 100 cars drove in slow procession into the town to annoy the hell out of the locals and get the tourists choking on their fondue.

Squeaky Hill games

Arriving in Mayrhofen

Check back in to the festivals blog at the end of the week when we'll be unearthing the ten best things about Snowbombing 2010.

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