So the big news last night (apart from the whole tragic MJ thing) was the appearance of East 17 at the Dance Lounge. Maybe it's the seen-The-Whip-100-times ennui of a music journo, maybe it's nostalgia, and of course there's a dash of irony there, but I was pretty excited to catch Brian "I can eat twelve Es and be fine" Harvey and the other two (no Tony Mortimer) - and two delays meant by the time they went on a half ten so was half of Worthy Farm. The place was rammed, so I snuck round to the VIP bit and waited for them to come on.

While the middle of the set was marred by the major news breaking, they did a pretty good job, finished with 'Stay Another Day' and Brian hi-fived me on the way out which will make my sister jealous at least.

East Seventeen Glasto

E 17 Glasto

E 17 Glasto

Brian Harvey

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