Lady Gaga - gotta hand it to her, she knows how to make headlines. As if spitting fire from her breasts, flashing nipples, doing two versions of 'Poker Face' and playing keytar on a revolving platform during her Other Stage set wasn't enough, she also crammed herself and her costume box into an uncharacteristically unglam Land Rover to play a secret show at the Club Dada part of Shangri-La later last night. And we were invited backstage to witness it all.

After getting stuck in the mud and pushed forward by stewards, her and her motley crew of dancers, musicians and a drummer with ironic flip-sunglasses finally made it to the backstage area, surrounded by about twenty fawning hangers on and at least as many self-important "security" screaming at us onlookers to back off.

Once some lackey had given her hair a last minute brush and she'd adjusted her face mask (poor girl couldn't see where she was going), the whole group went into a weird semi-religious huddle before taking to a stage covered in semi-nude mannequins. The plastic dude on the right had his pants pulled down and his balls cupped by the end of the second song - lucky guy.

GaGa Glasto

GaGa Glasto

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