Next to Barack Obama and Jay-Z, he is the third most famous black man on earth. So when rumours spread that the ‘special guest’ appearing with Mr Hudson last night was to be one Mr Kanye of Westfordshire, London’s Camden Roundhouse became quickly full to capacity.

And as Mr Hudson rattled through numbers such as ‘Lift Your Head’ and the crowd pleasing ‘To Late Too Late,’ the queue for reserve tickets snaked back towards the Proud Galleries.

Pic: Annique Delphine

Hudson’s performance was every bit the entrée to the impending duet, and in what turned out to be the worst kept secret in Christendom, Kanye took to the stage at approximately 10.40pm local time. The crowd, expectedly, went berserk.

“[Hudson] is a very talented young man, who inspires me,” sang Kanye, before explaining to the crowd this most unlikely of ‘bro-mances’: “We met in Hawaii,” spoke Kanye. “He is one of my favourite artists who I hope will become the world’s greatest. Let him be a supernova.”

Pic: Annique Delphine

And with that they launched into their joint record ‘Supernova,’ accompanied by a steel drum and a spot of crowd diving. No Jackson tributes, no diamond references, few pyrotechnics- this was as close as you’ll get to an honest hip-hop performance.

With Hudson on backing vocals to Kanye’s Heartless, the crowd could see that Kanye has some kind of chemistry with the plucky Brummie. But last night what Camden saw was a bromance developing into full-on fella-atio.

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