Linkin Park At Download Festival 2011 – Review

Who: Linkin Park

Where and When: Main Stage, Sunday


Vibe: The rain had finally stopped for Linkin Park’s third Download headline slot, there was a pretty massive audience singing along, and the front portion of the crowd was jumping up and down with their hands in the air the entire time.

Best bit: The band did an excellent mash-up of ‘Bleeding Out’, ‘Burning Skies’ and ‘A Place For My Head’ towards the end. I also really enjoyed how the tribal drumming of ‘When They Come For Me’ translated to a festival stage.

Low point: Unfortunately, due to the sudden torrential downpour of rain earlier in the day, a bunch of people headed home early – I heard of quite a few flooded tents. So between that and the fact that Rob Zombie was playing over on the Second Stage (I was kind of gutted to miss him), the crowd was slightly smaller than what I’d anticipated.

Banter: They’re men of few words on stage. The most interesting thing Chester Bennington said to the crowd was, “This is a good looking fucking crowd we’ve got out here tonight.” Well, guess we’ll take that compliment. Thanks, guys!

Verdict: With a mix of new material and old classics, it was a pretty perfect set for both the die-hards and the casual fans.

Rating: 8/10

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