NME Weekender – Partying With Trash Talk and British Sea Power

Being stuck on anti-biotics meant I couldn’t enjoy the free bar so I decided to opt for the far more rock ‘n’ roll choice of depriving myself of sleep completely on the Saturday night. This mainly involved running around Pontin’s with Lee from Trash Talk telling punters “Yeah he is that guy from Egyptian Hip Hop”.

The real EHH were busy playing secret gigs in their chalet and I ended up taking Phil from British Sea Power to the disco at 4am, then ran around on site for a bit more before stumbling into our chalet at 9am a bit confused and ready to get the train home.

British Sea Power

So two days of bands, booze (or not so much booze in some cases) and the sort of holiday camp you haven’t been to since you were six – and you get the NME Weekender. Here are my highlights…

Trash Talk terrify security on the NME Radar Stage
Lead singer Lee dashed around the NME Radar Stage and through the room like a big kid who had eaten too many blue Smarties – and then decided to start a kick-ass hardcore band. The Californian four piece striked fear into the hearts of security, especially when Lee ran through the crowd displaying a huge scratch on his head and blood pouring down his face, but it all ended happily with a room full of new converts.

Trash Talk

Tall Ships
When a band is on BSM Rocks – they can pretty much be guaranteed to be amazing. Tall Ships, the Falmouth three piece who are currently heading out on tour with 65 Days Of Static, proved this theory true when they headlined the NME Radar Stage on the Friday night.

Introducing Castrovalva…
Your ear drums have been well and truly dented by Leeds rockers Pulled Apart By Horses – now check out Castrovalva. On the same record label as Northern noise-mongerers Chickenhawk, Castrovalva closed the live music for the weekend on the NME Radar Stage. A combination of hardcore roarings, loops and samples – check the band out now to see what you missed.

Ice Black Birds
Lead man Sam Denniston’s jagged, angular dance moves and voice that commands the room impressed the punters at the NME Weekender. Psychedelic rock foursome Ice Black Birds grabbed the crowd at the NME Radar Stage on the Saturday with their snappy set.

British Sea Power bring the forest into Pontin’s
Like a woodland Flaming Lips, British Sea Power always put on an amazing stage show with a venue full of tree branches and a person dressed as a fox dancing behind the drummer. Their jubilant gig as they headlined the final night of the NME Weekender capped the Main Stage music off with a set that included fan hits ‘Waving Flags’ and ‘Please Stand Up’.

So those were my highlights, topped only by getting my photo taken with Darth Vader in the arcade.

NME Weekender – photo gallery