Who: Pendulum

Where and When: Second Stage, Friday


Vibe: Bit wet. It started to rain just as the band came onstage which meant the reaction was a touched muted, but once the sub drops and rocked up beats starting blasting out, the atmosphere warmed up nicely.

Best bit: In a set that was full of peaks and troughs, the bit when 'Blood Sugar' morphed into their remix of the Prodigy's 'Voodoo People' was pretty stonking and the crowd really went off.

Low point: When MC/singer Ben Mount decided he want to get a little bit controversial with the crowd and said: "This is the kind of festival where you can say whatever you want…let's all say cunt!" Let’s not.

Banter: A lot of repetitive geeing up from Mount, with some heartfelt thanks at the end. Nothing too enlightened with quite a few "Let's get the fuck up Download" and even more screams of "Are you with us?", but then, come on, it's Pendulum, they were unlikely to start reciting Byron in between tunes.

Verdict: It dragged a bit over the course of the 75 minutes, but the Aussie dance metallers have more than enough tunes to squeeze all the energy they can from a slightly sodden crowd and provided a decent alternative to Def Leppard.

Rating: 7/10

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