Saturday At Download – 5 Things To Do

How was yesterday for you, then? What did you think of Def Leppard? Did you catch The Darkness’ reunion set? They certainly proved that they can still rock the spandex. And hey – it didn’t end up raining that much…

Although day one’s finished, there are still two more packed days to go. Not sure what to do for day two? Here’s what we’ve got planned.

1. Watch Alice Cooper lose his head.
…or something like that. The shock rocker never fails to impress with his live shows, and festivals are no different. I saw him last year at Sonisphere and he had his guillotine, noose and other torture instruments up there – no one can can get killed a dozen or so times on stage quite like Alice can. He’s pretty much a rock festival staple – don’t go home without seeing him.

2. Catch System Of A Down.
That’s right, Serj and the gang are back. Unfortunately, it sorta overlaps with Alice Cooper, so try and catch both. Obviously, we’ll have to give some priority to this happy reunion because unless you’re planning on catching them in Sweden or Brazil, this might be your last see them for a while.

3. Experience Madame Pain’s Boudoir Circus.
From 11-3am, this “S&M experience” will bring you swinging trapeze acts, beds of nails, contortionists, Victorian-era characters and other bizarre acts. Think about it this way – when you go back to your campsite and complain about having to sleep on the cold wet ground, just remember the guy on the bed of nails, and you won’t feel so bad.

4. Sing some rock at Rockaoke.
Don’t want to see the contortionists? Don’t sweat it. You can go sing some karaoke over at the Doghouse, instead. There’s a live rock band, and you can go on stage and join them. Might not be the same as headlining the Main Stage, but you gotta start somewhere. If you want to practice, you can check out all the songs they’ll play here.

5. Support Download legends Bowling For Soup
Well, you can actually do this one twice. With an acoustic set on the Jagermeister Stage today (at 6:15pm) and a full-on performance tomorrow on the Main Stage, these Download Festival veterans are back for their tenth or so year in a row. So go show them some love in return for their years of dedication to the fest. And, of course, enjoy this classic tune:

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