Stevie Wonder, Muse To Headline Glastonbury – Your Reaction

So we now know that U2 and Muse will definitely be headlining Glastonbury 2010, with Stevie Wonder almost certain to headline on the Sunday night, pending last-minute contractual negotiations.

Which, let’s face it, is hardly going to suck, is it? Not if he plays this:

Or this.

Or this.

But maybe not this.

But let’s not forget about Muse, either. They’ve headlined once before, in 2004. It almost seemed too early then, they were only on their third album and – even though it was a stunning set – the band hadn’t quite been taken to the nation’s hearts at that point.

It’ll be different this time, and I think we can expect a pretty mighty performance from them on the Saturday, even if they probably won’t be allowed to fire laserbeams/arrive by spaceship/ride over the audience on a burning chariot/ whatever it is they do in their live show these days.

Although I have a sneaking suspicion U2 will steal the show on the Friday, if only because their everyman anthems and humanitarian streak make them such a neat fit with Glastonbury’s vaguely liberal, join-hands, we’re-in-this-together tradition.

But what do you make of the line-up?