Well, we didn't get a fully sunny day as we'd hoped for, but day two of T In The Park was pretty dang fabulous. Patrick Wolf donned a kilt on stage, Odd Future got bottled and Beyonce danced the night away on the Main Stage.

What will happen on the final day of the fest? Only time will tell. Here are five things to do on day three to close out T In The Park 2011 with a bang.

1. Head on down to the Refresh tent
After a few nights of camping on the soggy Scottish fields, you're probably feeling a bit rough. Fancy shampooing your hair? Getting it straightened? Using a flushing toilet? Taking a nice warm shower? Chances are, you probably need one.

2. Partake in one of the world's largest dance routines
Stop by the Main Stage at 3pm to work off some of those chips you've been eating and Tennants you've been drinking all weekend. There's going to be an 80’s retro-style mass participation dance routine, choreographed by Barrowland Ballet’s Natasha Gilmore (who has choreographed music videos for Basement Jaxx).

3. Buy an awful slogan tee
You probably can't get away with wearing one in the real world (you could try, but you might get slapped), so make the most out of them on the festival site where just about anything goes. Best ones we've spotted so far? "I Facebooked your mum" and "Beyonce, sit on my face". Class.

4. Watch Blondie
We could give you a long list of reasons as to why but let's face it - Debbie Harry is a rock 'n' roll legend who will forever deserve our undying love and respect. So show her some, and sing your heart out to 'Heart Of Glass'.

5. Indulge in the local cuisine
If you're not from 'round these parts, then why not try some of the local eats. Stovies, haggis, Arbroath Smokies...they're all there and waiting to be devoured. Go on, be daring.

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