The Ten Best Things About Snowbombing 2010

Snowbombing is a five day festival in the Austrian alps that revolves around winter sports, getting wasted on Jaegerbombs, fancy dress and loads of bands and DJs (that included Fatboy Slim, Crookers, Editors, 2ManyDJs, Vitalic and Doves this year). These were its best moments…

Snowboarder at Snowbombing

Pics by Danny North

1 – Friendly Fires debuted new material at the Racket Club

The St Albans disco kids played their first gig in five months and gave ‘True Love’ a test run, before talking to us about snowboarding, playing to punters dressed as Batman, their forthcoming Jay Z show and how they’re going to go one up on the carnival dancers for the new live gigs (clue: it involves being suspended by wires). The video also sees refreshed festival promoter Gareth butt in to declare them his sixth favourite band from the week.

Video taken on the new Sony Bloggie mini camera – more on them here

2 – Austria’s youngest accordion hero did his stuff

It wasn’t all Todd Terje and Andy C during Snowbombing. Monday’s Back Country Party saw five coach-loads of pissed-up Brits Abroad drive into the woods to a rustic Fritzl cabin run by Austria’s second most famous body builder and his young son, who treated us to an impromtu accordian jam. Then, while Manchester house legend Dave Beer DJ’ed in the wooden barn, the few hundred-odd Snowbombers necked Jagertee (warm Jaegermeister that smells of hospital drains and tastes little better) and ran around in inflatable horse outfits.

Crowds at the Back Country Party

3 – Jade Jagger hosted a party in an igloo

Mick’s party-starting offspring invited a couple of hundred people to an igloo at the top of a mountain for several hours of arctic raving.

4 – The Cuban Brothers tirelessly acted like goofballs

These guys made the cut from sheer persistence. From the minute we left Maidstone on the first Saturday to the final night via several impromptu appearances, their breakdancing in thongs and mass singalongs finally became funny by repetition.

5 – Annie Mac DJed on a glacier at the Volvo Ice Camp

When the Mayrhofen slopes weren’t big enough and the mountain sound system not loud enough, half the village headed to a nearby glacier to drink Jaeger in igloos and watch Annie Mac play Boy 8-Bit through even bigger speakers among even more slopes at an even higher altitude.

Volvo Ice Camp

6 – De La Soul taunted the crowd in the Eristoff forest

The hip-hop pioneers did the whole “who’s having the most fun, the left or the right side muthafuckkerrrrs???” thing to infectious effect over 45 minutes of old school hip-hop.

De La Soul Crowd

7 – Mr Motivator taught hungover skiers 10 reasons to love life every morning

If there’s one sure fire to blow away the Jaegermeister and rinse your nervous system of last night’s m-cat, it’s probably 27 hours in bed with pizza and coke. The other way, of course, is to put on full morph body suits, take a cable car up 3,000 feet and throw shapes to a panpipe-filled cover of ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ while a loud Jamaican in fluoro lycra shouts orders. Bizarrely, Mr Motivator’s daily 11.45am workout sorted quite a few heads and the keep fit legend turned out to be a really nice bloke. 

8 – Fatboy Slim did his thing

Offering no surprises, Norman Cook dished up two hours of big hits in the middle of a dark forest for those that hadn’t broken all the limbs already.

Fatboy Slim at Snowbombing

9 – Wild Beasts shrugged in the face of indifference

They might have been playing in an echoey racket club to a handful of bemused punters in superhero outfits, but the week’s most curious booking were sublime nonetheless.

Wild Beasts at Snowbombing

10 – NME learnt to snowboard

Well, we did better than Reverend Jon McLure, who tumbled onto a rock and broke his shoulder, but valiantly returned later in the week to bring his soundsystem to a tree-filled club called Narnia.

To this list you could probably add the weiner schnitzel, the Tyrolean architecture, the waiter that sounded like a Bond villain, the mountain views and the abundance of rooftop spas, but that would be fifteen things….