Florence And The Machine – Kiss With A Fist


Outfit of the day: leather black rebel motorcycle club

Theme of the day: groundhog day. groundhog day. groundhog day. groundhog day.

Political misunderstanding of the day: bouncer, in answer to a query about the protesters waving Israel flags, “its something about free Gaza, but I didn’t even know he was in jail”

Boooooootlegs. Bootleggers arrived outside the venue selling fake Florence t-shirts so we bought the last two. SO exciting! apparently you haven’t made it until someone wants to totally rip off your merchandise stall.

DJing at Jabez Cregg was made all the more difficult by swinging decks suspended from the ceiling. Played Paul Simon and Rage Against The (Florence and the) Machine.


Overheard quote in the pub of the day: “are you going to see that Florence and the Mechanics tonight?”

Also heard a girl say, “oh my god I feel terrible I consummated so much McDonalds last night.” I said “No! that’s what you do after you’re married” Group activity of the day: alternative threatening accusations for the anti-piracy trailer on DVDs.

Inhaled so much gold dust from the surface of my drum that I was standing on stage spitting glitter in dressed like an Egyptian shaman. Barbra Streisand doesn’t do this shit… There were three amazing fans in the front singing along to brand new songs without any words. We had a ‘Kiss With a Fist’-off and the security man had to give me a leg-up back onto the stage, as sad-sack was running around in the camera pit with a Kodak disposable taking pictures of peoples knees.


Lots more dates coming up. until next time, Florence x

Pictures: Edward Fielding