Florence And The Machine – Secret Time Travel And Werewolf Howling

NME Awards Tour Part 2. Day off!


“The snow fully blasted my face and it felt like i was going to heaven”

Theme of the day: “oh the weather outside is…EXTREME WEATHER”

Secret time-travelling power of the day: SNOW CHAOS

Action of the day: no action. Remain horizontal. Downtime.THEN SNOOOOOOOWBAAAAAALLLLFIGGGGGGHT!!!

The Machine wanted to go to a pub quiz to beat the tour managers. But I don’t like pubs. Or quizzes. So to cheer myself up i went home to fold some clothes. ‘Let’s fold clothes together, and get organized at the same time’ (White Lies inspire a daily version of their song)Days are off are hard. Roll on Gig time.

Day 7 Birmingham:

Dress of the day: Morman Auntie Florence

Extreme, perilous journey of the tour: from stage to dressing room three is about a 10 minute uphill trek. Signs adorn every inch of the journey advising you to bring an isotonic beverage, wrap up warm, keep going…And then there’s the wind tunnel. a section of building where all the air conditioning is kept which just creates an enormous vaccuum so that you freeze to death before you can wrench open the next door.

Song of the day: “what what (in the butt)” by Samwell.

We swapped me for Charles with White Lies so he came to play bass for us on ‘Howl’ and I went and sang “you got blood on your hands” with them. We tried to persuade Charles to wear a lovely waistcoat with horses on but he could not be dissuaded from sensible black.

The Birmingham crowd were amazing and we did werewolf howling and headbanging together. The floor of The Academy looks like 400 million people have been stamping and kicking it relentlessly since time begun, so it’s all stripped and bowed and really good for diving into the crowd at intervals. The security men love it when that happens.

We are going back to London now for a short break and then running straight back up to Manchester for more more more!