The Shockwaves NME Awards Tour begins in Liverpool and my quote of the day is: 'Doors at seven'. Ooh I Love The Doors!

Rob's words of the day are: uber and primo.

Fan of the day is: Kerry O'Brien who came to show me her new Florence tattoo! We rewarded her with hugs and bunting – ultimate gift. Possible album title?


We opened up our not-very-portable 'dressing up box of fun' just as a nervous-looking journalist entered. Apparently he couldn’t conduct his interview whilst we were all standing on tables in thesemi-darkness with several hundred-weight of dresses coating the room. We had a group photo with Glasvegas then it was time for the show. I stage-dived... was sucked into the crowd and pushed back up to the surface like the lady of the lake...

Watch the stage dive here!

We sold out all the merchandise on the first night. Everyone loves to buy mirrors, notebooks and bunting, much to the disbelief of other more serious 'merch' sellers.

Then home...

Day 2 - Glasgow

Theme of the day: Vampires.

Quote of the day: "I'm just going to get my running shoes and FUCK OFF"

Rob and I did a radio interview with, although not in the end, Coldplay. Then we had a 45 hour train ride back to Glasgee.

Whilst we were travelling on the slowest train in the world, The Machine had breakfast made by an amazing Ricky Tomlinson lookalike who presented Sadsack with her plateful of fried goods saying, "I did that one wrong. Good start."

We arrived 3 minutes before the show. My dress broke on stage due to v enthusiastic bouncing on the spot. I jumped into crowd, to find a kiss or a fist. Spilt someone’s drink instead.


After the show we DJ'd at the Flying Duck. A wonderful tartan-shirted boy helped us develop our DJ skills. We opened with Beyonce 'Single Ladies', followed by 'So What!', ‘Hip to be square' with Patrick Bateman-esque dancing (it's the ultimate song), Lauren Hill, and Rage Against The Machine 'Killing In The Name Of'. Did a sexy vampire dance on booth. Lots of neck biting.

Had an amateur horror audition with NME video man. Oreo cheese cake for dinner.

Day 3 Glasgow

Theme of the day: Bruises

Quote of the day: "Why do I have a black eye and what are all these marks on my neck?"

Song of the day: "So what!" and also “Jump” by Van Halen by White Lies.

The most relentless quarter pounder with cheese quest we have ever suffered. Particularly seeing as there are 25 branches of McDonalds within a 5 mile radius of the hotel (that's a conservative estimate).

There were several vampire-induced injuries. A text from tour manager requests, "see you in lobby, please no vampires."

Went with Friendly Fires and played a disco-dancing DJ set in the Barfly. Wore a glittery hoodie and fake leather leggings with bejewelled kneepads.


I looked like a walking death disco. The Machine had remote control car races in the hotel corridors, sadly decreased excitement by having to admit that they were actually miniature family saloon cars.

Day 4 - Newcastle

Alternative band names of the day: Florence IS a machine, White Lines, Frequent Fliers and Glas-s You In Vegas.

Theme of the day: covering all band, interviewers and crew with lipstick kisses.

It was Derby day in Newcastle, much rioting, apparently not because we were here. We bought many black hoodies in Primark, so that all NME tour band are morphing into Glasvegas, such is the magnitude of their sartorial power.

It was the best gig ever! I wore a 1930s fringe flapper dress and floor length chiffon gown, Newcastle was a sellout crowd, there were so many people! And they knew all the words! Isa had to do her kiss with a fist headbanging whilst holding her heart-shaped sunglasses onto her face.

I was teased by the stage manager for always having secondary outfits. This time – Red Riding HOODIE.

until next time, Florence x

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