Friendly Fires – A Carnival Atmosphere


Ah Nottingham. Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottingham. There’s a bad ass new ferris wheel in the city centre that doesn’t even look big enough to see over the nearest building. No one goes on. I buy 14 pairs of socks from M & S for £14.58… not bad eh readers!

I’ve never been to Rock City before but I’m already pretty impressed. The crowd are able to get utterly up in your grill, which makes a huge change from Lincoln’s detached vibe. Chris from Florence And The Machine gets up and does some carnival style toms on On Board.

We’ve made a pact that he should do this every night, but absolutely not ever rehearse it. Carnivals are about spontaneity, and our shambolic collaboration has that in spades. Someone gets glassed during Glasvegas set, and is help away by paramedics, which is a bit fucked up. Notice to all wankers: don’t bother coming to the gigs. No one likes you.