Nothing sparks a good old-fashioned pub debate among musos than the classic cover version. While the Muse Mafia spoke again last month, and voted the band's version of 'Feeling Good' the best cover version ever (get your feelings about that out in the open on the office blog), the poll reminded us once again how many good cover versions there are in the world, and how frequently they can equal or surpass the original.

Dr Martens hit the wise old age of 50 this year and commissioned a load of reworkings to mark the occasion and there may be a couple of tracks here to join the elite. Among the highlights: The Duke Spirit take on Sham 69, Noisettes tackle Buzzcocks and come out victorious, and Buraka Som Sistema capture their own special version of this classic. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce the hi-hat...


Get more info on the Dr Martens 50th Anniversary shenanigans and watch videos specially commissioned for each track here and preview / download them all right here:

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Which cover version do you like best? And worst?

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