10 Most Striking Album Sleeves Of 2012 – An Art Critic’s View

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    We handed over our 10 favourite covers of 2012 to Rupert Maas, art critic for Antiques Roadshow, so he could cast his expert eye over them…

  1.    Die Antwoord – ‘Ten$ion’
  2. These people are clearly barking. I am a bit fed up with vampires (there was another in my cornflakes this morning) but I’m a sucker for a fallen angel. She can eat my heart any day.

    Designed by: Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er

       Azealia Banks – ‘Fantasea’
    This artwork is cleverer than it looks at first: Little Mermaid meets all-seeing African eye and black sun. She keeps her gum on her nipples. Cool and catchy, like the songs.

    Designed by: Christina Lu

       Death Grips – ‘No Love Deep Web’
    When not excited, the proud owner of this cock is named N…EB. The rest of the slogan opens out upon arousal. The background suggests an office environment. I wouldn’t want to be the next to use the printer.

    Cock: Zach Hill (the drummer)

       Grimes – ‘Visions’
    With the modesty of Mozart, Grimes told a journalist her music was “a gift from God”. She needs to get out of her bedroom. This artwork is the inconsequential doodle of a teenage goth.

    Designed by: Claire Boucher (Grimes)

       Bat For Lashes – ‘The Haunted Man’
    A fine photograph: Natasha Khan with her Haunted Man. More like Hunted Man if you ask me. I hope she got some work out of him before she ate him.

    Shot by: Ryan McGinley

       Sleigh Bells – ‘Reign Of Terror’
    There’s a story here. One of them accidentally hit the other in the head with a guitar during a gig – and the shoes are an image of purity tainted with violence. It works for me.

    Designed by: Derek Miller and Steven Attardo

       David Byrne & St Vincent – ‘Love This Giant’
    Buzz Lightyear and Cruella De Vil. A very weird image, presumably done with prosthetics, in the wake of surrealist filmmaker Buñuel. Like.

    Shot by: Richard Burbridge Prosthetics by: Gabe Bartalos

       The Maccabees – ‘Given To The Wild’
    It might be a termites’ nest threatened by a scrub fire in a savannah, or a gourd-shaped dry stone sculpture by Richard Long. Who knows, but no artist can ever go wrong with blue and orange like this.

    Shot by: Andy Goldsworthy

       Goat – ‘World Music’
    Beautifully made from a Sami shamanistic design, and finished with neat origami symmetry that’s at odds with the raw dissonance of their music. Clearly a slick marketing department is at work.

    Designed by: Chris Reeder

       Spiritualized – ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’
    Say what? WHY?

    Designed by: Mark Farrow

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