10 Revelations From Upcoming Film God Bless Ozzy Osbourne

Yesterday saw the first UK screening of the Ozzy Osbourne documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne. Produced by his son Jack, and executive produced by wife Sharon, the film is a personal insight into the upbringing, survival and reign of one of metal’s greatest frontmen.

Here’s what we learn in the film, which has not yet been given an official release date:

1.The original Ozzy Osbourne metal cross was made for him by his dad Jack.

2. Ozzy was arrested at 18 for stealing from neighbouring shop owner Mrs Clark, and was sent to prison for a few weeks.

3. It was after hearing The Beatles ‘She Loves You’ on the radio that Ozzy decided that “I wanted to be a rock star for the rest of my life.”


4. Black Sabbath are happily summarised by Ozzy as “a bunch of guys with fuck all to lose and everything to gain!”

5. Ozzy spent his first royalties cheque (around £100) on shoes, socks and cologne because he likes to smell nice.

6. Black Sabbath used to have cereal boxes of cocaine delivered to them.


7. Ozzy once got into a local newspaper for prize green beans he had grown.

8. Ozzy doesn’t like Sabbath record ‘Never Say Die!’. “I’m ashamed of that album, it’s disgusting.”

9. Ozzy feels very strongly about his late guitarist: “Randy Rhoads was a gift from God.”


10.Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee remembers a particularly rock and roll evening with Ozzy: “He pulls his pants down and shits on the floor and then smears it on the walls of the hotel room”.