10 Things We Learned At Snowbombing 2016

Snowbombing is a music and snow sports festival that takes place annually in the Alpine village of Mayrhofen, Austria. Around 6,000 revellers go year after year to take in the raves and pistes – sometimes both at once. NME ventured out last week (April 4-9) to see acts like The Prodigy, Groove Armada and Fatboy Slim play alongside the likes of Idris Elba, Jamie Jones and Hannah Wants – sometimes at village level (630m), sometimes way up in the mountains (1800m or higher). Here’s 10 things we learned…

1. Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards always listens to music while he skis

Eddie The Eagle was out at Snowbombing for a few days in between his press work for new film, Eddie The Eagle, which is based on his life. He told us that when he had a cassette-playing sports Walkman, one of his favourites to listen to while skiing used to be Van Halen’s ‘Jump’.

“I used to ski on a particular run in Italy, where I worked, and it was a red run, but there was a blue run, which was a road, that zig-zagged all the way down. So you’d come down the red run and hit the road, jump, and land, hit the road again… I used to do probably about 14, 15 jumps all the way down the slope, and I used to go faster and faster, and when I had my headphones on, listening to Van Halen, I would try and time it just so when it goes “jump” I would jump and fly through the air.”

2. Groove Armada are never getting their band back together

“I can’t see us doing another artist album, I don’t think that’s where we’re at, said Tom Findlay. “And I don’t think we will ever get the band back together. Even though we’ve never really said that, it’s probably the truth.

Also, they’re not big fans of EDM. Says Andy Cato: “It’s like comparing what we do to selling caravans, it’s got nothing to do with it… The whole idea of being lost in the groove compared to the razzle-dazzle and fireworks and the girl in the bikini with a fire-throwing chainsaw, it’s not the same thing. It’s got nothing to do with it.”

3. Idris Elba likes a cheeky cigarette during his DJ sets

Both on the mountain and off:

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He goes down pretty well with the crowd, too:

4. Craig David brings his love of Bieber to the stage

He covers ‘Love Yourself’ again, as well as ‘Sorry’, and performs the ‘Where Are Ü Now?’ remix of ‘Fill Me In’

He also covers TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’!

After three days of epic DJ sets and spectacular live acts, in this underground tennis centre turned club, there was Craig David. I don’t know how to describe what I just witnessed, but I’ll try. It was like a nostalgic and frankly bizarre karaoke night where we were delighted(?) to some of his classic pop hits, a bit of TLC and Justin Beiber et al. Throughout all of this, Craig David performed the role of DJ, MC and singer (if the occasional vocal acrobatics can be called that). It was sweaty, the floor was a muddy disgrace and it was more than a little bit weird. However, I can’t deny that the crowd was going absolutely mental, and I’ll admit to singing along rather emphatically to No Scrubs and Walking Away. What else is a ’90s gal gonna do?

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5. Skepta has a new song called ‘Man’

Here he is playing it in the 2,000-capacity underground tennis centre-turned-superclub The Racket Club:

He also reiterated his hatred of sparkling water. Midway into his set he picked up a bottle, took a sip, then said “This water’s fucking sparkling water. I fucking hate sparkling water. Disgusting.” Soon he was back onto more important things, like the bass levels.

6. Bastille have a new song called ‘The Currents’

This is it (note the crowdsurfer):

7. Fatboy Slim have written a song with Idris Elba

Elba sings on it, and it was made for his new film, Bastille Day. Check it out from April 22.

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He also told us he was excited about Hannah Wants’ DJ skills and that he was working on ‘film stuff’. Wouldn’t say what though.

8. Jungle bring out the 70s in everybody

Here they are warming up the ‘Groove Is In The Hof’ street party crowd for Groove Armada. It was a massive love-in.

Spiderman was here too but I lost him #jungle #snowbombing

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Groove is in the hof at @snowbombingofficial – here’s Jungle warming up for Groove Armada.

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9. The mountain parties are well worth tracking down

They’re also a bit surreal. This is the Snowpark Terrace:


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This is Rompa’s Reggae Shack:

Yeah ok

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10. When you’re done with skiing, there’s nothing quite like warming down with Mr Motivator