10 Tracks You Have To Hear This Week – Egyptian Hip Hop, Everything Everything, Conor Oberst

1. Les Savy Fav – ‘ Sleepless In Silverlake’
Les Savy Fav’s ridiculously good new album ‘Root For Ruin’ has been played so much in the NME office over the past month that even the new Klaxons effort is starting to get jealous. And while there’s enough un-tethered, Tim Harrington-goes-wild rock whiplashes on the album to get us excited about New York’s most bearded all over again, it’s actually the more subtle ‘Sleepless In Silverlake’ that’s sticking strongest.
[Jamie Fullerton, News Editor]

2. Everything Everything – ‘ MY KZ, YR BF (Memory Tapes Remix)’
Everything Everything’s ‘Man Alive’ is the most idea-packed British debut of the year so far. And here Memory Tapes, aka New Jersey-based producer Dayve Hawk, does to one of its standout tracks what he does to everything he remixes – namely, slather it with a gorgeous topcoat of glittery, vaguely Balearic ambience.
[Luke Lewis, Deputy Editor, NME.COM]

3. Conor Oberst – ‘Coyote Song (Live)’
When his home state of Nebraska threatened to introduce the same twattish immigration laws as Arizona, stand-maker Oberst threw up the Concert For Equality as a barricade. His standard was this new song, soon to be released by Zack de la Rocha’s Soundstrike protest organisation, a world-weary, Neil Young-ish piano lament about love across the border. He shall not be moved, but you will.
[Emily Mackay, Reviews Editor]

4. Jens Lekman – ‘The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love’
Following a break-up, Jens abandoned songwriting for a year. “You can’t pour manure into an espresso machine and expect a cappuccino to come out,” he explained. The makers of civet coffee might argue, but when Obama was elected, Jens set his heartache aside and wrote this gorgeous, flamboyant ode to getting a sense of perspective.
[Laura Snapes, Assistant Reviews Editor]

5. Idiot Glee – ‘All Packed Up’
The best track from this EP by Moshi Moshi’s new signings is way more psychedelic than all those bores who go on about “being psychedelic”. It’s the sort of music Panda Bear might make if he had a sense of humour. And one of the best voices around in 2010.
[Hamish MacBain, Assistant Editor]

6. Zach Hill – ‘Memo To The Man’
It’s about time this drum wizard took time out of his projects with the likes of Marnie Stern and did his own thing. More accessible than his debut ‘Astrological Straits’, on ‘Memo To The Man’ Hill offers up a subversive slice of hardened, avant-pop battered into submission by his own tribal rally cry on drums, with additional help from Deerhoof sticksmith Greg Saunier.
[Ash Dosanjh, writer]


7. Fenech-Soler – ‘ Lies (Herve Remix)’
As if this track from the glam electro boys Fenech-Soler didn’t already make us want to don a sequinned jumpsuit and leap around like a maniac on the nearest sticky dancefloor, now we’re being catapulted there with this Herve remix. Get your respective glittery eyeliner/guyliner at the ready.
[Abby Tayleure, Assistant Writer]

8. Corin Tucker Band – ‘ Doubt’
Those of us still weeping on cliff-tops like The French Lieutenant’s Woman over Sleater-Kinney’s hiatus can take comfort from this first offering from Tucker’s new band. It’s a raucous slice of wailing punk, which dodges expectations with an organ-led breakdown. If only she’d stop singing the word “boogie”.
[Martin Robinson, Deputy Editor]

9. The Charlatans – ‘ Love Is Ending (Horrors Remix)’
If you’re not frantically stabbing next door’s dog in the eye with a stick after a sonic mindbending from this hypnotic drone, then you’ve done well. Demons lurk in the multi-layered static. Handsome and fuzzy demons.
[Mike Williams, writer]
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10. Egyptian Hip Hop – ‘Moon Crooner’
Everyone’s favourite geeks return with a lovelorn paean to being on your lonesome, from their new EP ‘Some Reptiles Developed Wings’. But don’t let that description fool you – this isn’t morose or needy or dwelling in any way. How could it be with those tumbling, funk-flecked basslines and that inescapably catchy schoolboy-keyboard-riff of the year?! Young lust has rarely sounded so weird and so compelling.
[Matt Wilkinson, News Reporter]