Cakes are great. Music is great. So why not combine them? Surely some pop stars are crying out to be depicted through icing and Victoria sponge? Who hasn't seen the face of Billie Joe Armstrong, and thought, 'Well, I can make that using a Battenberg?' Inspired by the couple who had a Deadmau5 wedding cake (as well as the mighty Cakewrecks blog) here are our hits, and misses.



The only material involved in this creation appears to be cement. Has Madge been out beneath the sunbeds for too long? Or is it a full-body mud wrap, designed to keep skin youthful? (Via Flavorwire)

David Bowie

Life on Marzipan? At least they've made an effort with his eyes - both pupils are definitely different... (Via Flickr)

Bob Dylan

Oh dear. Bob deserves more than this. Especially as the icing looks like something from the side of Highway 61. (Via Blogspot)

Amy Winehouse


This quartet of Winehouse cupcakes is surprisingly restrained. Aside from Winehouse's barnet spilling over into a surplus cupcake , the green icing in the eyes contrasts wonderfully with the sombre tones used throughout. (Via Flickr)

Lady Gaga


Complete with Diet Coke-can prop, Gaga's ditched the meat in favour of dessert. It might not be as technically adept as the others in this list, but for sheer ingenuity, it's a favourite. (Via Craft Gossip)



It's hard to imagine Thom and co's reaction to this Radiohead logo cake, but we can only hope that it'd be favourable. Go on, get your Knives Out to dish up a slice. (Via Flickr)

Justin Bieber


Poor Justin Bieber looks so forlorn atop of his cake. What's he searching for in the sky? One Less Lonely Girl? Some scissors to trim his fringe? We may never know. (Via Cartoon Doll Emporium)



Jay-Z looks like he's made of mahogony in this creation. While the folds of his hoodie are to be commended, he looks a little too like he's been freshly felled in the forest to be appetising. (Via Flickr)

Green Day


Check out the eyebrows on Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. That's, like a pack of icing each right? We're also a little perturbed as to how long Billie Joe's neck is. Have all those years of on-stage antics left him with a medical condition? (Via Cake Central)



This Bono cake is made even creepier by the red sunglasses. The only thing we can focus on is below his nose. The stubble! And why does his chin look like a bum? (Via Flickr

Michael Jackson


'The Man in the Madeira'. 'Don't Croquembouche Until You Get Enough'. 'Eat It'. This Michael Jackson confection captions itself. (Via Easy Birthday Cakes )

Foo Fighters


We'll disregard the wobbly blue icing, because the caption on this is pure genius. (Via Tumblr)

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Literal Red Hot Chili Peppers. The premise doesn't translate to icing as well as you'd hope. (Via DeviantArt)



It feels mean to rag on this cake, as if our friends make us a 15th birthday cake, we'd probably be delighted. That said, there's just too much going on here. Even for Muse. (Via DeviantArt)



Depicting the lead singer as more hirsute that the cuttings on a barbers' floor. Plus, the amount of icing on this thing is enough to give you a Sheer Heart Attack. (Via Blogspot)

Nicki Minaj


More Roman than Nicki, this lurid creation makes the same face back at you that you're currently making at it. (Via CandyCaters)

Guns N'Roses


Realistic looking vinyl, impressive chrome detailing on the guns, and painstaking petal-work on the roses. It's almost too tasteful to be associated with Guns N'Roses. We only wish it involved the 'Appetite For Destruction' album cover, so we could make the requisite pun. (Via Flickr)

The Beatles


The amount of work that went into this Beatles cake is astonishing. Look! There's the yellow submarine! There's the Fab Four, all kitted out in ties and trousers and shoes! Even the colour scheme is spot-on. It would be a crime to eat this, even with a little help from your friends. (Via Tumblr)

Bruce Springsteen


The detailing on this is what makes it special. Check out Brucie's rumpled t-shirt tucked into his jeans. or how the bandana in his back pocket is perfectly flipped over. Your 'Hungry Heart' will be quickly sated after taking a bite of the Boss. (Via Cakes We Bake)

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