Animals and musicians have a lot of crossover, don't they? Loud, noisy, not easy to work with. You certainly wouldn't want to bring one to a wedding. So, with that in mind, here's our run down of the best pop star/animal doppelgangers.

Photo: PA

[subhead number="1"] [/subhead]
[centred]rs[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="2"] [/subhead]
[centred]rs[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="3"] [/subhead]
[centred]sd[/centred]Photo: Kristian Yeomans /NME, PA

[subhead number="4"] [/subhead]
[centred]kn[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="5"] [/subhead]
[centred]s[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="6"] [/subhead]
[centred]j[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="7"] [/subhead]
[centred]k[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="8"] [/subhead]
[centred]j[/centred]Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME, PA

[subhead number="9"] [/subhead]
[centred]s[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="10"] [/subhead]
[centred]st[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="11"] [/subhead]

[subhead number="12"] [/subhead]
[centred]s[/centred]Photo: Andy Willsher/NME, PA

[subhead number="13"] [/subhead]
[centred]sr[/centred]Photo: Dan Dennison/NME

[subhead number="14"] [/subhead]
[centred]ng[/centred]Photo: Dean Chalkley/NME, PA

[subhead number="15"] [/subhead]
[centred]mk[/centred]Photo: Andrew Whitton/NME, PA

[subhead number="16"] [/subhead]
[centred]md[/centred]Photo: Dan Dennison/NME, PA

[subhead number="17"] [/subhead]
[centred]jc[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="18"] [/subhead]
[centred]a[/centred]Photo: PA

[subhead number="19"] [/subhead]
Photo: PA

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