3OH!3 – On Tour With Katy Perry – Part 2

Nat from 3OH!3 again here. “Oh man foggy London Town where you at?” Really fun time last night at Koko. This place is rad – it really looks like an old opera house or something there are like four balconies here and it is really vertical for a venue.

Sean does his Clark Kent impression

Good thing I am like nine feet tall and we both have the goddamn angelic voices of refined and refined opera stars – no big deal. We got up early today and did a cool photoshoot for a mag here. You crazy British people are awesome – you have all these dope hipster Playboy magazines. I’m getting down with that shit. Super down. What up. Get at me. God you look so good right now girl.

Nat and manager Mike

The shoot was super fun – they had rad sets already made for this dope 6-page section that we are gonna be in in the mag. Everyone was super nice and fun, and the morning ended up being really rad. We went and had a delish Italian lunch with all the peeps from our label here in the UK.

It was dope to meet everyone. Here we are at Koko for night two of the Katy Perry tour. We just played our first set of two of the night. Katy is on right now and killing it as usual. Next up we are playing the night for yours truly, NME magazine in a couple hours.

We couldn’t be more stoked – I think that Adam and Josh (drummer and bass player for Katy, and really good homies of ours since this summer) are going to play our whole set with us, provided we can find a drumset for Adam – fingers crossed. See you soon muhfuckas.