High­-adrenaline action thriller Point Break is available on Digital HD now and is released on DVD and Blu­-ray today (June 13). Here are five reasons why it's one of 2016's must-­see movies.

1. Although Point Break is most associated with big wave surfing, the film features other thrilling action sequences too. Highlights include wingsuit flying set against a stunning Swiss Alps backdrop and rock­climbing shot at Venezuela's spectacular Angel Falls.

2. The film also weaves sheer­face snowboarding and high-­speed motocross stunts into its gripping story. The plot follows a young FBI agent (Luke Bracey) as he infiltrates a team of thrill-­seeking elite athletes suspected of perpetrating a spate of highly unusual crimes.

3. Point Break is the rare movie that truly earns the title "epic". Director Ericson Core shot in 11 different countries on four separate continents, so it’s no surprise that producer Andrew A. Kosove has called the shoot "more of an expedition than a production".

4. To ensure the film's surfing sequences are as authentic as possible, Ericson Core added top pro surfers like Laird Hamilton and Sebastian Zietz to the cast. And while shooting in Maui, the crew managed to capture footage of one of the largest wave breaks of the last decade being ridden by the world's leading big wave surfers.

5. Although this isn't a straight remake of 1991's Point Break, Core makes sure his film pays homage to the much-­loved original. Bojesse Christopher and James Le Gros, who played Grommet and Roach in the 1991 movie, have cameo roles in this Point Break as a pair of FBI Directors.

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