Ever looked at picture of Kanye West and thought "You know what this is missing? A pug". Well, dreams, no matter how unnecessary, can come true. An company from Barcelona known as 'Meet The Pugs' has put together a calendar of pictures of Kanye West hanging out with the tiny pups.


More than 1000 fans pledged a total of $22,706 (almost £14,000) for the calendar on Kickstarter. Called 'Kanye's Pug Calendar - 2014% Awesome' it features 12 photoshopped snaps of Kanye chilling with pugs in various steamy settings. Each is accompanied by one of Kanye's most inspirational quotes.


"I feel I'm too busy writing history to read it," says August Kanye while lazing topless on the beach playing catch with his hound. Meanwhile, February Kanye smoulders alongside the pug and says: "My greatest pain in life is that I'll never be able to see myself perform live".


The bad news? The calendar has now sold out. The good news? 'Meet The Pugs' also sells throw cushions, prints, totes and mugs with Kanye and his four-legged friends on.

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