The After-Party: Sophie Hannah Richardson

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It’s not just the party people care about, it’s the after-party. Sophie Hannah Richardson, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, talks about her own after-party and how it would inspire her hair and style.

My Style

Can you tell I love the colour blue?! A little bit obsessed, I’ve been blue-haired for a few years now and I reckon I’ve got the mermaid trend down to a T – it now just feels like me and I can’t imagine myself without it. I love playing around with anything and everything that sparkles and I’m a huge fan of the ’90s, which offsets my girly style perfectly, giving me that bit of an edge.

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Hair Hack

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Paul Donavon

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The Venue

If I hosted an after-party then it would definitely be at an abandoned warehouse-type venue. Somewhere that’s a bit underground, edgy, unknown and undone – this vibe complements my style and I love it because everyone can just completely let loose and dance all night!

The DJ

No hesitation here, I would definitely have Craig David as DJ. He was someone I grew up listening to and I love the fact he’s come back with a bang and is experimenting so much more with his music. I get so excited about bringing back trends from the ’90s, so it only seems right he’s DJing at my after-party. He’s just as awesome now as he always used to be!

Craig David Djing

The Performers

With Craig David on the decks I wouldn’t need another artist to perform – so I think I’d be a bit creative with this part of my after-party and have a surprise group of mermaid performers covered head-to-tail in glitter.

Dancefloor Song

My ultimate tune would have to be Drake’s ‘One Dance’ to get everyone on the dancefloor. I know it’s a song everyone loves and I’m a huge R&B fan – I have been for years… All this dancing talk and I’m ready to go and party!

Guest of Honour

It would have to be Baddie Winkle, sporting one of her lavish outfits. She loves experimenting with colour and fashion, and she’d be perfect for getting the party started. I just hope I look as glam as she does when I’m her age!

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