This Instagrammer Mashes Up Album Covers With Classic Paintings

Earlier this month we saw a handful of albums reinvented as old book covers, and found out you can paste Adele’s face onto a whole bunch of classic records. Now, one crafty artist has managed to combine classical paintings with an array of album covers.

Graphic designer Eisen Bernardo is behind the Instagram account showcasing these incredible mashups. The results are rather stunning and include huge artists like Taylor Swift, David Bowie, Bob Marley and one Justin Bieber being weaved seamlessly into a collection of Baroque, Renaissance and Realist paintings.

Take a little peek at some of the highlights and stay tuned to the Instagram account @albumplusart for regular updates and new submissions by Bernando.

It all began five weeks ago with Beyoncé’s ‘B’Day’ sleeve making an appearance in Frederick Leighton’s ‘Girl In Green’.

Then David Bowie’s classic ‘Low’ became ‘Renata Borgatti At The Piano’ by Romaine Brooks.

And then Bernando really started to up his game.

He also provided a bit of modesty to classics – using The Rolling Stones’ ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Amorica’ by The Black Crowes.

Miguel’s ‘Wild Heart’ managed to weasel its way into a classic by Raphael.

Yep – he’s done all the classics now – shall we call it a day?

Oh alright, a few more then.

Right, that’s your lot. Go follow @albumplusart for even more classical mashups.